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I am going to start Rose on a pro-biotic. I have Culturelle (which us humans use and I have used for dogs when they have diarrhea, child dose.

What do y'all give your dogs/puppies?

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I've been using Vetri-Science's Vetri-Mega Probiotics or Rx Vitamins for Pet' NutriGest, which has some other nutrients in it (for my old gal who has intestinal issues).


Remember when you're selecting a probiotic that fructooligosaccaride (FOS) is just as important as the probiotic, as it's what feeds the probitic and keeps them working.


FWIW, some people believe that probitics formulated for humans aren't as good as those formulated for dogs & cats (i.e. for carnivores). I don't really know if that's true or not . . .

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They have isolated 16 different probiotics in dogs so far. Fifteen of them are the same as humans. Human probiotics are usually much cheaper and much more likely to be regulated for quality issues. Most of the veterinary probiotics have between 1 and 3 different strains, which I think is inadequate. I usually recommend an absolute minimum of at least 9.

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