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Both of mine would pick up their ears at will as puppies so I thought they would prick, which is not my favorite ear set. I was hoping for tipped. I got airplanes on both, and they still pick them up at will.

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I think "airplane" and "Flying Nun" ears are about the same - they stick out sideways with a bit of a fold.


Your pup reminds me of my little Skye - he went from puppy ears to looking like he was in a strong wind from the side (like your pup) to both ears folded on top of his head (his little "dunce cap" phase) to gorgeous pricked ears. I loved watching every stage and wondering what tomorrow would bring in the ear department, and never quite sure what they might be doing when he got all done growing them.


It's one of the joys of watching them grow.

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I haven't seen it anywhere in this thread (although I could have missed it!) so here's something to amaze you. Lockeye Border Collies used to have a page on setting ears although I don't see it up anymore (Note: my dog's aren't lockeyes, I just cruise the internet a lot when I can't sleep). They've replaced it with a page of ear photos, perhaps due to critism?

I knew a doberman show-fanatic who had all her dog's ears taped. They'd get cropped and taped pretty young and would need constant attention. Of course, they'd get skin infections and allergic reactions to the tape. Strangely enough she didn't think allergies indicated that a dog should be culled from breeding programs? ;)

I prefer my guys to have the ears they were meant to have. I've had prick, semiprick, and a combination thereof. Loki's ears are prick except for 1 ear is tipped. And when he's seriously working he holds one ear down. Kind of cute. Rose's ears are only up when she's feeling confident but they are semi-prick.

I've known people who taped their border collie's ears but most did it as they didn't want a dog with asymmetrical ears. Funnily enough the more they taped the more assymetrical the ears ended up being. Maybe because they'd tape the "rogue" ear and not the "good" ear. Then the "good" ear would go "rogue." Watching months of taping jobs did provide me with a great deal of amusement. :)

But seriously, taped ears look taped. They don't match the dog's head and it's usually pretty obvious that they'd been altered at some point. But, it's a personal preference. Luckily I am able to choose months of amusing photos as my pup grows into their ears. If I taped them the pup wouldn't have the constantly changing ears that make puppy photos so cute. :)

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I've seen a young Great Dane who has had her ears cropped and set. They are still heavily taped and with a cross-bar between the tips. I think she can receive AM/FM...Dan finds her to be quite anxiety-inducing. He's never seen a dog that could double as a radar unit before!

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I've noticed a lot of folks reference "airplane ears" Are these airplanes?




Just a week or two ago Sammy had one ear prick (see below) but now they've morphed to something else. This is fun :)



Adorable! Robin's ears did this at about the same age. I was positive he was going to be prick-eared at that point but he is are always sideways now.

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