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Suggestions for putting some "bite" on a dog

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Lamb Chops 1, or maybe 2 or 3 - Robin Zero.




When Robin goes into his head, Lamb Chops attempts to head butt or catch him in the side. He's made some hard contact a couple of times, the latest this morning. Robin's method of dealing with this is to run around behind him and boost him into the right direction by startling him and Lamb Chops moves when Robin comes up from behind but sometimes I don't want him to do that. Lamb Chops darn near flattened me the other day and it would be really helpful if the dog could get between me and Lamb Chops and really teach him a lesson about playing games with people before he ends up mutton. It has to be Robin's methods because Lamb Chops doesn't play these games with Brodie who does have a "bite". He goes into him with his jaws snapping like an alligator (but no contact). I've never heard Robin do that. He's given a warning growl or two when an inquisitive lamb has come up to him but otherwise, he's all push. They see him coming and they move except for Lamb Chops who tries to challenge him.


How do I put a controlled bite into this dog? Should I even try? He's not a mouthy dog - he doesn't carry things, he doesn't "take" anything except food.

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