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Well done to everyone who made it into the English Team this weekend.

1: and ENGLISH NAT CHAMPION: Ricky Hutchinson SWEEP 183 (runoff)
2: Tom Huddleston UDALE JET 179 (runoff)
3: Gordon Watt HUTHWAITE MOSS 182 (runoff)
4: James Howard WISP 181 2nd Day 1
5: Derek Scrimgeour FLEECE 179 2nd Day 2
6: James Gilman BOB 173 2nd Day 3
7: Thomas Longton MAYA 180 3rd Day 1
8: David Wood SALLY 176 3rd Day 2
9: Ray Edwards BILL 168 3rd Day 3
10: Timothy Longton BOB 174 4th Day 1
11: Thomas Longton TOT 167 4th Day 2
12: Ricky Hutchinson FLY 167 4th Day 3
13: Wendy Cole KATH 170 5th Day 1
14: Jim Cropper NIDDERDALE NIDD 163 5th Day 2
15: Vic Morris GILFACH MAC 160 5th Day 3
Reserve: Dick Roper PETE (runoff)



Thomas Longton SPOT & TOT 217

George Bonsall JET & TIM 188

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Congrats to all who made it on the team! I was especially excited to see Derek Scrimgeour's Fleece up there again as I am her breeder. Always fun to get your dogs in such expert hands to see what they can do!


Congratulations to you. I just came across her pedigree by accident on the Killibrae web site - isn't her dam a Killibrae from him, or have I got it wrong?


Anyway, good to see so many locals figuring in the list - the Longtons, Ricky Hutchinson and Tom Huddleston all within 10 miles of where I live.

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Hearty congratulations Geri Byrne. Thats four times Fleece has won a place in the English team. Good handling, but good breeding too. I've seen her many times and have a son of her, what a bitch.


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