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I was so tickled

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I have 4 bc that we use on our farm. I do no trialing they are just farm hands and my great companions. I have really had no formal training except I watch and watch tons of videos. We raise livestock and sell meat at farm mkt, This past Feb. I was asked by our farm mkt manager if we would consider giving a farm tour, that he had applyed for a grant and some of the it was centered on education about local farming also herding dogs and guardin dogs. I agreed but was a little conserned as to there expectations. We do not do typical farming where we move sheep from field to field. We mob graze and mostly what my dogs do is hold the sheep while fence is being moved. Also I have health issues that has limited my training our dogs to the best that think I could do. My dogs are well bred and very bidible and intellegent. They balance well but I just don't have flanks nailed down and long out runs. We don't use them here because of logistics. Well today we had a round pen set up and I was using ducks that had never seen the dogs. Kat my 4 year old female she was balancing and keeping the ducks following me where ever I turned with 7 ducks very calm and orderly. She would take her flanks that I would give nicely and the ducks glued themselves to the fence and she when right between and peel them off of it with no problem calm and cool no feathers flying just a nice calm slow pace. Well at the end I removed her from the ring and used Bella that didn't go as well. Bella had never been in the round pen before and with all the people she is sticky any how and the ducks managed to get out of the pen. So I brought Kat back in and we open up the pen and she quietly brought them back to me. I was ready to finish and since the ducks had escaped from the pen we knew we had to put them back into the large dog kennel crate before ending . I physicaly can't run around and catch ducks. Kat has never penned or had any training for penning. She penned those ducks so quick I was in shock. My sister tell me she think Kat knows every word I say. I guess I have under estemated her abilities. We have small breed cattle and she workes them or a hog or what ever I need with the amount of force she needs to apply.I was just so excited I had to share this. I know all the experts will get a chuckle from this but I still can't help being so tickled.

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