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New member! Introduction to my puppy 'Jack'.

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I'm from Melbourne, Australia. And i recently discovered this forum and have learnt alot from it already! So i thought id post up some photos of my pup!
A little story behind it, i spent 5 weeks nagging my parents to let me get a puppy, I'm 18 and can't afford to move out yet as im on apprentice wages haha <_< .
It took forever for her to say yes, and it came with alot of conditions. As soon as i was about to give up trying i found the perfect pup.
Eventually mum said yes so i drove 2 hours there and back!
I got him at 7 weeks and have had him for 3 weeks now! So there for he is my 10 week old chocolate puppy :D
Also sorry for all the photos! haha :P ((in order of age)you will have to click to enlarge! sorry for the low quality had to reduce to attach)
post-15269-0-20530700-1374107777_thumb.jpg Photo the breeder sent me before picking him up.
post-15269-0-06151100-1374108180_thumb.jpg Drive home :D
post-15269-0-42069200-1374108214_thumb.jpgIntroduction to my family's dog, Basil.
post-15269-0-34665900-1374108240_thumb.jpg Recently got woken up to find this, had to take a photo.
He is growing so fast and i have a feeling he will be a decent size :P
I've only taught him to sit so far, but everything is as new to me as it is to him thats for sure.
Tips/Advice welcome :)


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He's a handsome little fellow....here we would call him red....have fun with him - you will learn a great deal from these boards!

He really is! Thanks :)


I think many people here call the dark reds chocolate . . .


Very cute pup. Enjoy him.

I plan on it thanks :)


He is a hansom 'lil fella, congrats!

Thanks :)


Lucky you. I had to work for my first dog for a whole year! And then my parents got me a Yorkie. ;)

You kid is super cute. What a great partner to grow up with.

I've had stages over the past year where i would ask but it always got shut down quickly and not brought up again, not this time!

I can't wait for the memories :)


Jack is adorable! Do you know how much he weighs? Atlas is just a week older than him (born May 1st) and is 16lbs.


I really love his colour, he will be so gorgeous when grown and already is!

I wouldn't know his weight, i'd like to find out though and il post again when i do!

If it wasn't for his colour i wouldn't have gotten him, i think the brown looks so good on border collies! Thanks for the kind words :)


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Also just a question guys, according to the breeder he is a pure bred (although no papers to show) and i've been told by people that because of his markings which seem rather traditional that he most likely has a long line of pure bred in him? is this true? all the other puppys of his litter were odd, mostly white with rather weird markings thats all haha. He was the biggest puppy and the most 'normal' looking.

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Welcome to the boards. You have a very cute and handsome fella there.


With regards to lineage: IMO, the markings of a BC do not indicate a "long line of purebred". In this country, there are many BC mixes that have markings like BCs and there are many BCs whose markings are not what one may think of as traditional. Markings are only one part of the BC package - look for body type and also personality and behaviors. As he matures, you can better evaluate his lineage - although he is starting out as a very cute BC puppy.


Enjoy him.



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