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He is handsome and I agree that a breeder that doesn't do better than dumping animals at the shelter is at one of the lower levels of responsibility, just above the kind who shoot or dump dogs along a roadside when they aren't wanted.

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At least the breeder surrendered him, rather than just turned him loose or worse put him down. I am not defending the breeder here, just saying the outcome for this puppy could have been a lot worse. I know of a couple of breeders who will just shoot a pup if they think it won't measure up to their standards, been investigated for it a couple of times by the Humane Society and local sheriff's office. They are still in operation, when they should have been shut down and never allowed to own or breed dogs again. They just move to a different county and start all over again.

He is very cute. I think the shadows on his face make him look darker.


I do love how he is a breeder surrender! :blink: How nice to create dogs and then dump them on the shelter system when you have no use for them.

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Just because someone does something worse does not make the actions of another any better.


I know of a breeder who supposedly drowns dogs when they no longer need them, does that make a breeder who dumps dogs at a shelter any better? I don't think the "worse" breeder justifies or lessens the actions of the other. It's like saying well it's ok to beat my dog because someone else is probably shooting their dog.

Anyways, I too am glad this boy has a second chance at a great home and am glad the breeder have him to a place that will take care of him. But shelters and rescues are burdened enough and it's sad to see people create dogs and not stand by them.

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