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We are making progress - Spark is starting to settle in - He still has an outrageous appetite but I've changed his food and also just treated him for tapeworms.

He settles beautifully in his crate. We still haven't moved him into the dog room with the others - that's not high on the priority list right now.

He has been introduced to all the dogs and surprisingly - Dusty Bad As*, my terrierest, was the first to initiate the playbow - let's tear around. However, he also let Spark know in no uncertain terms that he does not appreciate him in his face. He and Dusty are now on good enough terms to actually walk them together without any issues at all :)

Spark is very vocal when he wants something - akin to a high pitched scream/yelp/bark. I suspect that he got what he wanted from his former owner's son when he used this tactic. As hard as it is...I am completely ignoring him when he does this. He is slowly getting the message.

He is fine with Cricket - won't steal her ball when it's playtime and is the same with Flint - Flint has his toy, Spark has his ball and for the most part, they leave each other's toys alone. The boys share the large kiddy pool I purchased. Yesterday, just for a moment, they were in it together!

Today, I started letting Flint, Spark and Cricket out of the fenced area with me - without any toys - that seems to frustrate Spark a little but I think it's the only way that I can get the boys to realize it's okay to run/play together.

All in all, it's been a challenging couple of weeks but for the most part, things are going well.

If anyone has any suggestions on other ways to help the dogs integrate, please let me know :) I would truly love to be able to let them all out in the fenced area together and know there won't be any warfare!



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I'm not sure if this works...however, I need help - as you can see from this video, Spark obsessively barks/shrieks in Flint's face..I'm sure tonight it precipitated a fight that I broke up ... what can I do to stop this???




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It says the video on youtube is private but I was able to watch the one on facebook. We had a dog like this in the daycare I used to work for. It's almost like he's over aroused. Flint seems to be uncomfortable with it (especially if it finally caused a fight) so I would correct it so he doesn't feel like he has to.


You could try a couple of different things and see what works. When he starts it you could completely remove him for everything for a time out. In the same vein you could use a long line or something similar and just remove him from Flint until he calms down.


You could also carry a squirt bottle full of water and squirt him in the nose each time he barks. If it's annoying enough he'll stop.

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Caveat - I have not seen the video (phone isn't letting me) but he sure sounds over aroused. Kipp gets over aroused easily when he doesn't know what else to do. So, in addition to the above suggestions, I'd watch his body language and try to remove him from the situation before the behavior starts and redirect him into something appropriate instead.

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