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OMG Lambs can swim !


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Haven't been here lately, but would like to relay an adventure I had on Wednesday.


I have a 2 year old border collie and picked up 3 ewe lambs. Put the lambs in the back of a jeep (wrangler) drove them home. Unloaded them in their paddock. Done.


Whatever on earth possessed me to let the lambs into the pasture which every bone in my body said too soon, too soon. Well I did. What happened next was what one would call a free for all. As soon as the lambs leaped out of their paddock into the pasture both dogs flanked them this would have been fine however they got thru a small panel in the fence right into the horses field. Now the horses were not happy and chased them out of their field.


At this point I have two lambs on the other side of my rock wall and one I have no idea.

(Please do not give me advice, site me for cruelty to animals, I have learned my lesson and am so humbled by this experience.)


I get a hold of the two that are together and carried one (40lbs at least) and place them back in the paddock. Good, right ! Not quite, know idea where the runner went.


Let me sum this up 6 hours later ,I find her on a ridge maybe a 1/2 mile from me. Below the ridge a small 3 acre lake or pond. BC is on leash with me and the lamb starts heading down the ridge to the pond. I take the leash off of Keeva and she turns that crazy lamb right into the pond.


SHEEP CAN SWIM !!!!!! That lamb swam to the other side of the pond and I grabbed her and carried her home.


They are happy it is day 3 and I have more fence to reinforce this weekend.

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Dew was a pup and got away from me. She split 1 young sheep off a big group.The chase was on. At least 10 acres or so...

They both ended up in the pond. DH was ready to shoot everyone.


After that, if I tried to work that particular young sheep he'd head for the pond. Or play dead. Smart Lil' bugger he was!


It happens and you now have your own sheep story, 1 of many to come! ;)

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