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Black Forest Fire Benefit SDT - you can help!

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As many of you know, the community of Black Forest, Colorado, suffered a devastating blow last week. The forest fire, which has now been mostly contained, burned a swath across the community taking over 500 homes in its path. Lise Andersen and Terry Murray are a couple of dog trialers who would like to make a difference. Their respective homes flanked opposite sides of the burn area and Lise’s equine vet clinic had to be evacuated (along with her 80 sheep), but both were fortunate to come out of this with everyone and everything accounted for. They are hosting the Black Forest Fire Benefit SDT with all proceeds to be distributed to fire victims and their animals through Tri-Lakes Cares based in Monument, CO. Dan Korf of Akron, CO, one of many generous people in our BC community, has graciously donated the use of his sheep for this benefit.

This event continues to evolve, and we hope it will bring the community together in a spirit of hope and rebuilding. If you are unable to join us, please consider taking part through the "In Spirit" donation. Send in your entry, running any dog you would love to run at a dog trial! This trial is for anyone interested in supporting the fire victims—one doesn’t have to be a border collie handler to run a dog at the Benefit! Tri-Lakes Cares will send you a receipt for your tax-deductible donation.

The trial will be held on Sunday, July 7, 2013, at the Tabletop trial field in Colorado Springs, Colorado. All classes will be run (Novice-Novice, Pro-Novice, Open Ranch, and Open). The trial will be USBCHA sanctioned, MPBCA sanctioned, and points will accrue for the District 2 Dog of the Year Award. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Terry Murray at (719) 749-2833 or tmurray05@earthlink.net or Lise Andersen at tabletopsdt@gmail.com. You can also access all of this information at the Mountain & Plains Border Collie Association's website: http://www.mpbca.org/trials/bff-benefit-sheepdog-trial. Please forward this info on to any and all people who might be interested in helping out!

Black Forest Benefit.pdf

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