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Spay question - How long before she can run?

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I had Tommy spayed last Tuesday. She really had kind of a rough couple of days where she really hurt. The vet sent her home with Rimadyl and then I went back and got her some other pain stuff. She's 4-1/2 and it was harder on her than on a younger dog.


I have kept her really quiet until this morning. It's been one week.


When will it be safe for her to get out and run?


The vet had said to keep her pretty quiet for about 4 days and we are well past that but she really runs hard. I went on line and a couple of sites said to keep them quiet for 10-14 days.


She is supposed to get her stitches out in 10-14 days.

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I had Dew spayed last year, she was 5ish. She was rough for about 24 hours then did her thing with out much running for about 5 days. Took stitches out about 8-9 days. She wasn't going at the stitches but every where else was flame red driving her crazy. Her incision looked great...go figure.


I feel if the incision is healed over on the out side then you are good to go. You can pretty much tell if it's sealed and not going to open if running.


Or that's how it's been for us.

Dew ended up having a reaction to the anesthesia and losing most of her hair. She had to go on a week of steroids to get it under control. All she did was itch and more then 3/4 of her hair fell out. Took forever to grow back in.


Almost wish she'd of stayed that way (hairless not itchy) she's back to full coat now...muddy mess all the time! ;)


Hope Tommy heals quickly!

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I was being overprotective, but I didn't let my young dog go bounce around and run until 3 weeks after the procedure. I was more worried about the internal layers than the outside ones. She was glued on the outside, so stitches didn't have to come out and the vet follow up was good at 4 days in. I had her off drugs in 3 days.



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