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Hey all! I know it has been a long while since I was on here. So much going on but I did stop in now and again. I am on here now with a heavy heart and seeking some info.

Friday after my husband had put the chickens up, he threw the ball for Jackson and Skip a few times. They came in the house and left the ball outside. Jackson got on the couch waiting for DH to throw the ball. He told them it was outside and sent Skip out to get it. Jackson jumped off the couch and went under the bench at the table which is what he always does. I was cooking and heard what sounded like quick scratching on the table. I looked under to see what he was doing. I said, Jackson, what are you doing? And he was gone. Just like that my boy was gone. No symptoms of anything prior. He literally went from an active, alert dog to dead in a matter of seconds. We are devastated beyond words. I have lost dogs in my lifetime, but this.................... It wasn't a matter of him being sick, and now he's not suffering. It wasn't an accident, that you can accept. I am still crying over him. I think he had a seizure. Maybe a heart attack? I just never had this happen. He has never been sick. Never showed any signs of any problems. If anyone has any experience with this happening or ideas, I would appreciate it. Thank you all.

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I have no idea whatsoever and assume that only a vet exam or an autopsy would tell you what it actually was.


Meanwhile, I am so sorry for you. The only good thing to say is that there was no suffering for him, and he was a happy dog, which is a blessing.

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I'm so sorry that happened to him, how unexpected.

Did you take him in for a necropsy? If I were you, I would be very interested in knowing what happened. I do know someone who lost a 5 year old border collie in one night with no prior symptoms. It turned out to be a fast growing cancer and the dog just never showed any problems.

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My sincere condolences for your loss.


As others have said, a necropsy might have indicated a cause. Probably too late now (if you still have the body, but it probably would have had to have been in cold storage).


I would be comforted by the thought that he probably didn't suffer. It was quick.



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