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eye spots back again...... sigh......


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Hey all!! Haven't posted for some time now regarding Ruger's eyes.

If you refer to this post..... this is what we were going through.....



And his eyes have been pretty unchanged..... UNTIL today......

I woke up and he was squinting in the eye that had been resurfaced.... Which yesterday he spent a lot of time outside in the sun and we never thought anything of it. I put his drops in and he went and laid down. I checked later in the day and what was there? Those same "oily" looking spots that we had removed that ulcerated before (on his right eye) So he is squinting most of the day today.


His left eye has the small whiteish deposit on it kinda spotted that has been there for a few months now.

Being changed off a food that contained ANY chicken has helped him considerably, but I think so did not being out in the sun. I will attach photos tonight if I can get some if not in the next few days. I am thinking sunglasses or "doggles" might have to be an option for him when he goes outside. If this is how his eyes are going to respond he can't spend the whole day every day living in the house when its sunny out. I feel bad enough for the guy already and if it comes down to him not being able to go outside, what kind of life is that?

I also think I am going to book in with the very expensive eye specialist and maybe he will tell me something different than my vet already has or something to do about it..... Any suggestions?

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I'm posting this on behalf of a non-member of the Boards who thought it might help:



It sounds like this dog might have Corneal Dystrophy (basically, lipid deposits in the eye) which are causing the occasional corneal ulcer.
One of my Shelties has corneal dystrophy, and the ophthalmologist we saw for it has had great luck treating with Tacrolimus ointment. This ointment is used for another eye condition, a side effect of which is lipid deposits in the eye. She noticed that the lipid deposits went away when treating with the tacrolimus, and decided to start using it on dogs with corneal dystrophy as well. Treatment has been so successful that my dog currently has no sign of corneal dystrophy at all.
I don't know where this person is located, but the ophthalmologist is Dr. Terah Webb at Medvet in Columbus, Ohio. Her vet might be interested in speaking with Dr. Webb.
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I'd see an opthamologist. It is almost impossible to properly diagnose these issues without seeing a specialist. My Rose seemed to have poor vision off an on. My regular vet wasn't sure. I finally took her into see a specialist and it turned out she has IMR/SARDS. She's responded to treatment well and doing great.

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