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Mongolian Vanishing Culture


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A nomadic culture is disappearing in Mongolia. Here is a link to a stunning slide show portraying a proud people. Beautiful photography.




Mongolia raises the third most sheep per capita worldwide.


I wasn't sure what to think of the traditional yurts with satellite TV dishes, and convenience stores popping-up in ancient villages. Signs, no doubt, of a changing culture. -- TEC

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I remember seeing a documentary on these people, in which Julia Roberts (!) was living and moving with them. It was very interesting! I think I might be able to live like that, with the solar panels, and flat screen tv!

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YouTube has a five-part series of the J. Roberts documentary. You caught my interest, so researched to find the first in the series:


The remaining parts can be found in the YouTube margins. A good look into nomadic lifestyle and struggles.


This series is about the nomads' horses, another large part of their culture. They move across the steppes about ten times a year in order to find feed on the thin soil. J. Roberts participates and narrates. I have to overlook her nervous laugh. The steppes are a little reminiscent of the Palouse (say, "peloose") of SE Washington and adjoining states. The Palouse has richer soil and hillier terrain, while both regions are treeless and (originally) grass covered.


Thanks for pointing-out the documentary. -- TEC

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And look now, because that nomadic way of life is going away. Fully one-quarter of the previous nomadic people have moved to the "cities" - primarily due to the discovery of a ginormous wealth of minerals (copper, gold, silver), which has the potential to really destroy this lovely country. Here is a short summary of the problem, which really doesn't address the environmental and social issues:




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