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Chemukh update

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Remember Chemukh, the ex-SAR dog?


From the beggining I decided to keep her against any odds and to wait to hear what destiny could have for us.


Well, she is trained and has been in a couple of scenes on TV shows. Yesterday we were called because a TV channel want to film a serie about the adventures of a teenager and his dog and... They want Chemukh to be that dog!!


I'm extremely happy and excited (and scared too), happy by Chemukh because she will get the opportunity to work in something she enjoys (She was born to be a star, she loves to be sorrounded by people and be the center of the atention)because by what this mean in my starting career as a dog trainer and, has to be said, because I'm currently unemployed and really, really need the money.


Don't worry about BCs in TV, she will play the character of a mutt, in Chile almost nobody knows about Border Collies and nobody has to know what Chemukh really is... Even the producers suggested to use her real name in the show and I said NO, I don't want to take her to a walk and have strangers calling to her.


I want to take this strike of fortune and try with a second dog to work it in SAR. I have no problems having two dogs in my one room apartment, but I'm afraid what neighbors could say. At least most of them love Chemukh and nobody has ever complained about her. I just will have to hide the second dog in a friend house if my mother comes to the city as she is the real owner of the apartment and she left very clear that she doesn't want more dogs in it.


I want this dog to be a rescue one, if a could ship a rescue BC from petfinder it would be a dream, but as the breed is still uncommon in Chile there are no BCs in shelters (yet, thanks gods) Anyway, I'll be fine with any thing with four legs, medium size and hyper play drive.

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I'm glad you decided to keep her, you two were too close to part ways. Now, after she finishes the TV shooting, maybe you can find a video somewhere, on a website, etc, that you can share with us and brag about your star

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Thanks! I still have to speak with the producers some issues before the deal be completed, but they confirmed me Chemukh is the choosen one and I'm confident.


I have a VHS of a previuos TV aparition of her, but I still don't know anybody that could digitalize it for me.

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As Zoe said, Phew!!! With the relationship I have with my dog, imagining that gave me a bit of a tummy ache. But you're keeping her! Woohoo!


Congrats on the movie job! It's good to see little "miracles" like this happen

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