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What's expected in Nursery or Novice Trials?

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Yes, I have Open, novice and Nursery dogs I want to run. My ideal trial has all the classes so I can run all my dogs. Many do, and I am grateful for that. Every year there are wait lists, but it's been worse this year. Seems like the issue this year at some trials is getting enough sheep, which is only contributing to the Finals fever problem. The CT Sheep Breeders trial was already cancelled and another had the number of runs reduced. This weekend I am running in a very small trial with Nursery being the only class that earns points (NEBCA + USBCHA). I will be running my other dogs in Open and PN just for fun.

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Hi Northfield Nick,


I am also a Cleveland native, born in Cleveland, raised in Cleveland Heights. I now live east of Cleveland, out in Geauga County. Don't have my own sheep, yet, so I take my young border collie, Pete, to other people's farms to take lessons and practice working sheep. We go to a farms in Nova, which is in Ashland County, in Barberton, near the Akron/ Canton area, and sometimes in Russell.


Last summer, we attended a weekend clinic taught by Lyle Ladd, which was held at the farm in Russell. That was great, and I really enjoyed working with her. She is coming back this summer, and I am planning on attending again. Her own farm is located in Georgetown, Ohio, which is near Cincinnati. I know a few people up here in NE Ohio, and in Michigan, who go down to her place for training.


Also, Claudia Frank's farm is located in Southern Ohio, in Greenfield, I believe. I was there once, to audit a herding clinic, and she has a beautiful farm. She usually has a trial there sometime during the summer, but I have not seen it on the list at the USBCHA website.


And then, Bruce & Linda Fogt are going to be holding several trials this year at their place in Sidney, Ohio. I looked at a map, and they are located in West Central Ohio, North of Dayton. I am planning on going there to watch, hopefully, on 4th of July weekend.


So, after you move to Cincinnati, if you are ever at a trial in the area and see someone who looks totally clueless named Rachel with a very cool tri-color border collie named Pete, feel free to say hello! I'm sure I will need all the friends and encouragement I can get! We will probably also be stampeding the sheep over someone, hopefully not the judge!!





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I'm not surprised by lack of sheep. Feed costs have skyrocketed. I have reduced my flock to levels that wouldn't allow me to hold a trial. Do you have another year on your nursery dog?



You aren't kidding about the cost of feed! I can not believe what people are paying for hay!


I heard a story on NPR a few months ago, about the need for more sheep farmers, because of the increased desire for lamb in the grocery stores. But, if it costs an outrageous amount of money to feed them over the winter, is it worth it?



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Rachel, We will be having a novice trial (USBCHA style) second weekend in July north of Toronto. About 3 hours from Buffalo; Check out www.ontariobordercollieclub.com Spectators are welcome; Shepherds Crook in Lorneville


In AHBA, the HTD course is the most similar, with the outrun in HTDIII and the wear of the HTDI; In novice trials you are generally allowed to go through the panels, but not in AHBA; AHBA is a good starting ground, Welcome aboard!

Thanks for the info, Cynthia! I will plan on coming up there. Have to get my passport...


There is an AHBA trial taking place here this coming Sunday. Looks like this one, I'm just going to be watching.

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