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Where is a good breeder?

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Welcome! I'm assuming first that you have already read "Read This First" and are looking for a responsible breeder of working-bred dogs. I'm also glad you've asked for recommendations.


I am just not familiar with folks from Utah but nearby in Idaho are Patrick Shannahan, Dianne Deal, Norm and Vicki Close.

Patrick has a website http://www.patrickshannahan.com/.

So does Dianne at http://www.diannedeal.com/orchard_run_border_collies/Home.html.

And Norm and Vicki are found at http://www.handhills.com/.


There are folks here from Oregon, Nevada, and other states in that area that might be able to point you towards responsible breeders of working-bred dogs.


Another alternative would be to contact a reputable border collie rescue. Dogs from rescue are often fostered so their personalities and needs are known (like "good with cats", housebroken, "good with other dogs", and so on) and rescues also occasionally have pups available.

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In addition to the excellent recommendations that Sue has made, I might also suggest that Don and Jeanie Helsley would be worth contacting at: www.helsleyranch.com


Another thought would be to contact the Utah Stockdog Association at: http://utahstockdogassociation.shutterfly.com


There are a number of very good sheepdog trials in Utah and you should make an effort to attend one or more to meet handlers and their dogs, learn what these wonderful dogs are all about (and why they are being bred.....to work!), meet dogs that you might like and make contacts about potential upcoming litters. There is a very nice trial, Goring Ranch SDT, coming up May 3-6 in Tremonton, UT. Information is found on the Utah Stockdog website. I highly recommend that you attend.


Best of luck in your search.

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