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Lyle Lad & Jack Knox Clinics

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Hello Everyone,......


We made earlier than normal contact with this year with Jack Knox and Lyle Lad in an attempt to get definite dates for this years herding clinics. This also gives our clients more time to think about and arrange to come if they are the least bit interested. We are located in Geauga County, which is situated in Northeast Ohio. Our address is 8999 Fairmount Rd., Novelty, Ohio 44072.


Lyle Lad is scheduled for June 8&9, 2013. Jack Knox is scheduled for July 27&28, 2013. He is coming a few weeks earlier this year as he has some Canadian commitments. Pricing will be similar to last year. We don't expect much will change, but will keep all of you informed. Both Lyle and Jack are open to adding a third day if enough people are interested to cover the extra expense. We can add an extra day on either end of the normal Saturday/Sunday clinic. So again, if enough people show interest, we can either start on the Friday before or extend them into the Monday after. The extra day can be more of the same from the clinic, we can do a shedding clinic, do some trial format or a combination depending on interest. Two day clinics in the past have been about $200.00 or so and we would expect adding a third day would bump that up to about $300.00. There are several close, convenient and dog friendly motels and eateries about twenty minutes away. Lunch and beverages are provided at the farm daily.


We keep trying every year to come up with at least a two week cut off date for entries prior to the clinics. Preferably we would like to have everything locked into place three to four weeks in advance as it makes life easier on us to plan and also more importantly, it would give the clinicians we hire ample notice to make other arrangements should a clinic not fill. We don't subsidize the clinics we host, so there must be a minimum of entrants to hold one. Also, putting on clinics etc. is partly how these talented folks make their livings. We would prefer to be able to let them know enough in advance if a clinic should not fill so that they would at least have the option of doing something else productive.


Please contact us at eblaschke@aol.com or bblaschke@aol.com for more information if needed. Thanks.

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