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Stockdog Training Clinics - Indiana

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I have 2 training Clinics scheduled for the first half of 2013.

Jack Knox April 26 - 28th and Thad Buckler June 21 - 23.


Jacks clinic does have 2 working spots available as of today.


Thad is from Edmonton Alberta. He has a large mixed hair flock there, 600 ewes these days I believe. He also grazes some cattle spring and summer and does some backcountry horse pack trips when he can get away. Thad is a very straight forward trainer. He breaks things down easily into steps that make perfect sense. He tries to get the best from the dog by being a quiet confident leader the dog respects and wants to work with. Thad is one of the Top handlers in Canada and has many trial victories to his credit.

For more info you can go to my web site www.clearfieldstockdogs.com and email me at denice.r@lycos.com


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Jack has clinics in Virginia and Maryland. April 5-7 in Virginia and May 25-27 in Maryland.


I am looking for any other clinics he or Kathy Knox, may have between Florida and Massachuetts or points West of these states (not as far as West Coast...however). prefer East Coast... Thanks for any info

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Kathy will be at Sarah Ruckelshaus' Victory Farm near Chestertown MD on Apr 12-14. Sarah isn't on here but you can contact her through Facebook. There were openings as of a few weeks ago and I think there still is room.


It's a very nice location - flat! There is a larger field, smaller field,and round pen. You can camp at the rear of the farm, no hook-ups. Lunch and dinner each day is generally a dish-to-pass (you make a dish for either lunch or dinner for each day if you'd like to be part of the meal). There are good places to eat in Chestertown (Louisa's is yummy Italian, and the seafood is great) and there is a very inexpensive hotel in town (I don't recall the name but I believe it's dog-friendly).


Cost is (I believe) $300 for all three days (if underbooked, you may be able to do your sessions in two days).


Kathy is excellent - same method (of course) as Jack but I find her a bit easier to understand and to ask questions, as much as I do like Jack. I highly recommend her and this clinic.

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