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Well done video. Thanks for linking it.


LGDs and herding breed dogs both play their roles in a canine task force to care for and manage stock. The warning signs posted on the Nevada lady's place, for me, was a more accurate portrayal of LGD temperament toward humans, than the children climbing on their backs. Family and workers that LGDs see everyday are usually OK, but strangers (both dog and human) IME get serious "woofs", and sometimes an intimidatingly close inspection. Each dog's temperament varies a little, and they are raised in many different environments, so some are more friendly than others. Stock predation by upright two-legged animals is not uncommon, consequently dogs that tend to the unfriendly side are preferred by many ranchers.


Good representation, IMO, of LGDs on farms/ranches. One per 100 head of stock may be more LGDs than I have observed locally, yet that family had an enormous wolf problem, rather than the coyotes and loose/wild dogs experienced in this area. Interested to see what others think about that ratio. -- TEC

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With Wolves you have as many LGD as are wolves in the pack. Including one unaltered male and female. You want dogs that will stay close to flock. Not try to chase, be lured, wolves off.

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