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Another study on the effects of neutering on health


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Interesting. Thanks for the link. The authors are careful to point out that their results and conclusions are specific for the GR and that more studies should be done to determine early and late neutering effects in other breeds. Regardless, if one wants to extrapolate to dogs in general, early neutering seems to be a positive for population control, but not much else.



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Just an aside with regards to the Golden Retriever aspect of this - I have AKC friends (I do!) and in talking with them about Goldens, the point has been made time and time again that there are lines in Goldens that are predisposed towards cancer. I have asked why they just don't breed away from those lines (not my friends, but Golden breeders) and the answer is that they are based on lines of dogs that win in the show ring. These dogs also tend to age prematurely compared to other lines of Goldens. So, not only is the incidence of cancer much higher but the overall death rate due to age-related causes is also higher.


Don't you think someone would say, "Stop! This is stupid!" The voice of those who might protest is overwhelmed by the voices of those who go along with this sort of blinders-on breeding.


Just an aside...

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