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Hi All,

I am so glad I found this group I love discussing border collies and learning new training techniques and just plain everything about BC's. I have a young dog starting her herding training in May. Anyway I have been trying to research and find out more about one of my dogs. and was hoping I could get some insight on here. She was bred by Rodney Cotton. Her sire is: IMP. Glen owned by Clyde Moran Sr and bred by M.C Andrews. Her Dam is: Pershore Nell owned by Rodney Cotton and bred by E.F Morgan. Any insight on any of these dogs would be great I am just trying to find out more about her and her lines. I have attached a pedigree photo.


Thanks All

post-14745-028745200 1361480969_thumb.jpg

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The mother of your dog, Pershore Nell, is a full sister to Herbert Holmes Imp Juno.....and tremendous quality bitch. Herbert might be able to provide more information.


Wilkinson Bill produced many good dogs. These lines were behind Bev Lambert Bill.....Wilkinson Bill was the sire of Elvin Kopp Jill (a successful trial dog (Meeker Ch)). I think the Tholkes had a Bill dog, Scout, at one time...there is some information about him on their website Red Creek Farm (border collies). For that matter, Bev Lambert and Elvin Kopp both have websites with info on their dogs.

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