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Hey all... it's been awhile since I've been on the boards.


We have a new addition to our pack, Riser. He is 5 months old, amazing, has a great personality and is very biddable. He is such a good puppy!



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Thank you all for the nice compliments... I read them to Riser, while he had his tongue sticking out. He always has his tongue out, too funny!


I am very much in love with this little guy. He had his second to last puppy class today, and the teacher said he is beyond advanced for the class. Looks like we're moving up to pre-agility classes...foundation work!

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Such a cutie! His expression looks like he will be a hard worker and very willing to please!


I agree! He already has his style, and I hope it sticks... he practically crawls on the ground with intensity. He herds my other dogs, but he never chases, even when they run. He is so calm and intense, it's beautiful to watch! I think I'll start him on ducks really soon.

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OK, no other words than "cute" and "sweet!" Limited vocabulary...LOL!

Where is he from?


Oh, did I mention cute?!




He's from 5H.


His sire is Hanson Jake



His dam is Dot


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