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Suggestions to what else can I teach my puppy, and best way to teach Heel

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I have a 5 month old BC male, he is very smart, and I think he is ready to learn something new everyday. He knows sit, down, up, stay, watch me, wait, leave it, drop it, come, in your bed, in your room, in your crate, bring, lets go, this way, sit pretty & loose leash walking.


Of course some commands are not perfect as others :huh:/>/> :rolleyes:/>/> . But we practice those, he has his CGC test coming up on 23rd. I want to teach him a good/strong heel, the leave it needs to be perfected.


I plan on starting him on herding, flyball, agility etc... I want to know what are some other commands that he must know, and how can i teach those. How can I perfect some commands.


Also he likes to chase cars behind a fence, when i take him to 1 dog park, any ideas on how can I stop that. But if he is on a leash he will only stare at a car, not try to go after it. He just cant get his eyes off cars, we do play a lot of chase with frisbee, ball & chase it toy, I have tried distracting him at the park with balls & frisbee, but lasts for not too long.


This is our first BC, and any help or advice would be helpful.




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Any type of trick training (often stupid pet tricks :D ) can be useful to mentally stimulate and to continue to build the bond between you and puppy. And some of those "tricks" are actually useful in building strength (core strength, balance, etc.) Google trick training to find limitless ideas.


At 5 months, you can also start some agility skills on the flat (i.e. NO jumping until over 12-14 months of age) - coming to hand, GO on, tight turns around a pole, etc. The book, Agility Right from the Start, presents great foundation skills.


I wouldn't push the CGC test. If it happens, fine, but don't stress over it. He is awfully young. There is always time later.


What kind of leash do you use? I would use a 30-40' light line (like parachute cord or very thin rock climbing rope) and let him drag it around until he no longer pays it any attention. Then if he chases cars and he is 30 feet away, you can manage/correct him. I am sure there are also great exercises from Control Unleashed, but I will let Control Unleashed experts suggest the appropriate ones.


Have fun with your puppy.



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The 2013 WAO Team USA eBook has an awesome article on foundation tricks for agility dogs. Many trick ideas in there. Plus a great cause (if you're in the USA- and even if not... ;)/>/> )


Silvia Trkman has a few DVDs with TONS of tricks


Control Unleased, as mentioned above has tons of tricks. You might try the Puppy Program for a 5 month old.


Susan Garrett's book Shaping Success (my favorite agility book, as it were) also has tons of tricks.


And then if you're really ambitious, you could start working on your Trick Dog titles, which I believe use this book series.

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You don't need heel for the cgc test, just a good of loose leash walk. If I remember they said not to have the dog in a heel.

Heel is not something I have ever focused on but I really liked they way Slyvia Trkman trains it in her videos, she makes it look fun.

As for agility Agility Right From the Start is a great foundation book... But I think this applies to all of us much of it does not make sense when you are first starting in the sport and you don't see the point as very little of the foundation stuff seems to relate directly to what you see going on the course... But it does....

Realistically other than a sit, a stay and a down there are very few verbal cues that I use in agility, all our cues are really physical and have been taught that way. An example would be one of the games we played a lot when my dog was a puppy was chase me... If I turned he turned, if I stopped he stopped etc basically he learned to respond to my motion. And this is something we use every time we practice agility.

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