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Anti theft collars and leads

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There was a story on the news not too long ago about a little dog (Havanese maybe) that the owner had tied up outside a store (don't remember what type of store) and someone came and took it. It made the news because the little dog was a child's pet and the thief's image/action had been captured on a local security camera. I don't remember now, but I think the guy who took the dog planned to sell it, so yeah, people will steal dogs if the opportunity presents itseld. The little child got lucky and the man was identified and she got her dog back, but it might not have turned out that way.



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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I would imagine that the taking and reselling of dogs is much more common in very small breeds? Considering convenience, cost to take care of the dog until you sell it, and ease to resell.


Not sure if this information is accurate or not, but if so, little dogs + pit bulls seem to be the most common to steal: http://dogtime.com/akc-reports-an-increase-in-dognappings.html

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Recently in my area, a Siberian Husky was stolen by homeless man who had some mental health issues. Luckily, it was on the news and someone who knew him reported it. I don't think he did it for nefarious purposes, he was just unaware that it wasn't just a "stray."

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I would be as likely to leave my dog tied up outside a store as I would be to leave my wallet tied up outside a store.

Dogs are stolen all the time here, for all the reasons listed above and more as well, I am sure. To resell (it's called "{flipping" around here), for bait for fighting dogs, for the reward, and for things we do not even want to have to think about that are worse. I am glad to hear there are still places in the world where it is safe to do that, but I doubt that I would ever be willing to let me dog out of my sight, no matter where I was, in a public place unless someone I trusted were holding him or her.

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I didn't know there was such a thing as anti-theft collars and leads for dogs. Huh. B)


But, since bicycles also have anti-theft locks and are stolen nonetheless, I'd say they're only as good as the people walking past the dog or bicycle. If someone REALLY wants to steal it, they'll find away. Bolt cutters would make it a snap, and the people that DO steal dogs are apt to be truly awful, taking them to bait pit bulls or to sell for drug money.


Plus, how tight would that collar have to be, to prevent someone just slipping it off over his head?


If I was truly afraid of my dog being stolen, it would be a cold day in you-know-where before I'd leave him tied up outside. Besides theft, I'd be too afraid of him becoming a victim to passing dogs or people who could hurt or torment him. All it takes is one loose dog or cruel teenager.


Sorry I'm no help. I'm a very nervous dog-mom, when it comes to theft or loss of my dogs. ;)


~ Gloria




Hello all,


I was looking for opinions on anti theft collars and leads as I was considering purchasing a PetLoc product. Ed generally goes everywhere with me apart from if I nip out to the shop as I worry about tethering him outside in case somebody steals him. When I say nip out to the shop I literally mean for a quick loaf of bread or bottle of milk, not the big monthly food shop, so he wouldn't be left for long but I just can't bring myself to leave him!

Has anybody used these collars/leads and, if so, are they any good?


Many thanks,



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Thanks for all your replies. There is such a variation in opinions. There is an increase in dog theft around my local area. Why they are stealing the dogs doesn't bare thinking about to be honest :(/>

I think I will just leave Ed at home when I go to the shop. He is such a friendly dog that he probably would take food, fuss and anything else going!! It just seems such a shame! The amount of times we've been en route back from a walk and I think, "I'll just nip in for a loaf of bread" and realise I can't leave Ed! However, my Ed is more important than a loaf! :)/>

Thanks again all.


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I went to the store recently and saw a beautiful red BC tied up outside. She looked VERY nervous with the crowds passing around her. It scared me to see her there alone, waiting on her owner knowing that anyone could take her or harm her. Personally, and this is just me, the unpredictable nature of human beings anymore prevents me from wanting to ever leave my dog exposed to just anyone on her own like that. Just seeing the nervousness in the dog I passed at the grocery store would give me pause, even if I trusted people.

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