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Run free at the Bridge, Tippy

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Tippy, was my mom & dad's dog. She was a black bundle of furry pomeranian with a touch of poodle. When my dad's dog died in January 1999, he vowed no more dogs but my mom, didn't want to be without one. So, under her instructions, I set out to find a dog and Tippy joined their family in March 1999. My dad pretended to be furious...(that in itself was funny!) but within hours, Tippy had him wrapped around her white tipped paws. While Shadow had been my dad's dog, Tippy devoted her life to both my parents equally. When my dad died in 2004, Tippy was almost inconsolable. She decided not to let my mom out of her sight. When my mom died in 2008, we were certain Tippy would die too. But she went to live with my sister and started a whole new life..she was the co-pilot in their plane, rode shotgun in the boat when they went fishing and ensured that any boaters who came too close to their dock were put in place :) She was the most adorable furball that you could imagine.

On Thursday, my sister was telling me how much energy Tippy had,...she had chased the neighbour's labs away from the porch...but that evening, Tippy began coughing and her little heart gave out.

She is running free at the Bridge now, entertaining Jazz and Zachary and resting at the feet of her beloved humans again...

You will be missed little one..

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I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sure Tippy is happy to be at the feet of your parents again, and I'm sure they are happy to have her back. Be happy for them, and smile at the time you got to share together.


Run free, Tippy.

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