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Rest In Peace Shiloh

Schaferhunde AKA Sheepdog

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If your wondering who Shiloh is,here you are

Go here:




This has been sad day for us, A close & good friend of ours Dog has passed away :(/>/> Shiloh, was A 11 year old Siberian Husky. About three weeks ago, she started to decline in health. She was diagnosed with many issues.Within the past week, she was recovering, she was getting better, & I thought she was going to pull through. Unfortunately,as of yesterday, she was rapidly declining in health. Today, she took turn for the worst. She wouldn't eat, she could not see or hear,her eye was getting worse,and was unbalanced when she walked.They was nothing they could do, the medication wasn't helping much,and she wasn't diagnosed with any disease.She had poor quality of life, they knew it was time. They euthanized her earlier in the day.They did the right thing, they knew she was in pain, and had no quality of life, they knew it was time.Shiloh has passed over Rainbow Bridge, illness & pain free. Though I'll never forget her, she may be gone, but she will always be in our hearts. I love Shiloh, Rest In Peace,Shiloh

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