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Good ones gone in 2012

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I am sorry you lost your good Zeke this year, Denise. I feel very fortunate that my Sophie Dawg is still with us (coming on three years since her cancer treatments now), but I know many people lost many good friends this year...

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I lost 4 dogs this year, none border collies, but the 11 border collies miss them! Bad year for the Palmers. Scarlett, our 5 y.o. Akbash, Sergeant our 14 1/2 y.o. Giant Schnauzer, Myna, 9 w.o. Kelpie puppy and Boomer my 14 y.o. ACD; I miss them all terribly. Hard to believe it was such a bad year.



Sergeant, my first dog



Scarlett, a great guard dog, and not a nice dog to strangers :)



Boomer, the one that started me into herding...and hence into border collies



And finally Myna, who had too much gumption and not enough caution


Thanks for induldging me in my non border collies



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I don't have a handy picture of my girl but she is very remembered in my heart. Jazzy May, who started this long journey for my family. We miss her dearly.

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My little ironman, Zachary. He had the heart of a lion. Keep them in line at the Bridge little one


post-3503-067924400 1357015367_thumb.jpg

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Lucy, 2/20/96 - 5/11/12.

Rescued/rehomed, my agility champ, never could look at a sheep (did, but didn't want to!).

Stole my heart and took a huge chunk of it with her.

Miss her every single day.


(Sorry, picture isn't loading...)


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Jill, who was a successful open trial dog for Sam Furman before I got her at age 6. She was a successful open trial dog for me, too, and thanks to her, my handling skills advanced much more quickly. Jill was a beautiful, funny, chick loving, puppy hating, eventually crotchety, wonderful girl. She was born in August 1996 and went to the great pasture in the sky in May 2012.






Willow, Jill, and Boy are on my left on a visit to Kentucky to the Alleyne's (Kat's original owners) for a sheepdog trial:



Jill (center) posing with Melanie Lee Chang's Solo (left) and Farleigh (right) at Brightwater Farm for a sheepdog trial:



She loved, loved, love to herd chickens, and especially chicks:





The fence safely separating her from Twist's puppies (she could be very harsh to puppies):



Walking with the pack:



In her last months. The harness was so I could help her up because at that point her hips were so bad that she had difficulty doing it on her own:



She's with Boy, waiting for me, but I wish she were still here. Good bye Jilly Roo. I miss you.



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