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Tess had a very bad episode on Sat night until 4 in the morn, and we had the vet out on early Sunday to see if she needed to cross....remarkably she recovered somewhat, was put on more lasix. The vet pretty much stayed all day until we could make a decision. Nothing like on-site monitoring...and she is a herding student so we worked dogs all days, and took breaks to check on Tess. Sunday was a totally stressful day for me. Was I going to have to help her cross or not?


The fluids had accumulated more near her heart and pressing down the tracea, causing coughing, etc.....anyways by end of late Sunday, after much stressing, she got better. The fluid level has gone down and hardly any coughing, Her cancer has slowed down in the leg but her heart is starting to go wonky, racing etc.....it is beating normally now but the congestive heart failure is what is going to get her soon......


Tonight she wanted to play "I am gonna pull your tail and steal your nose" routine so I raced her up the driveway, trying to pull her tail and touch her nose. Of course, it was only 25 feet when I stopped but her eyes were bright.



So, I am going to drop off for a while and spend time with her. I don't need any debates, AKC vs ABCA, you vs me, raw vd dry, blue vs red, Mars vs Pluto or anything else.


I might be back in the future but not sure.

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