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Faye's broken leg update

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So Faye went to the vet again today. We went 2 1/2 weeks ago too. Last x-ray showed the break was healing but not enough to remove the pins. So today's x-ray showed the same thing. You can see changes from 2 1/2 weeks ago but since she is such an active dog the doc thinks it needs a few more weeks to finish healing.


Faye is a nervous dog since she wasn't really socialized as a young pup (got her at 4 months) but she manages herself pretty well. She used to get car sick but that's passed, now she just whines a bit in the car. So the ride there was a bit whiny, then we had a few minutes to wait our turn. It's a tiny office with only one examine room. There were 2 yappy little dogs ahead of us, one of them bit the vet while getting shots so the vet raised his voice to gain control of the little dog.

Well you'd of thought the roof was caving in on Faye. She got all quiet, hid under my chair and dreaded that door opening. Her turn came and she tried to pull back on the leash. Vet said in his normal deep voice "that's enough girl" and she got herself together. it's such a tiny office there was only one tech there today. The tech was checking the yappy dogs out, so the Doc took Faye back to x-ray alone and I could hear him say "steady girl lie still" and sure enough he was able to take the x-ray without anyone else holding her.

So Faye comes out and climbs under my chair. We waited for the x-ray to develop and chatted in the office.

Darn, that picture didn't turn out so she needed one more. Again she was going to pull back on the leash vet told her to "quit" in a quiet voice so she became the model patient. He commented on how good she is if you tell her to behave. We waited again then found out the good and bad news. We'll wait 2 more weeks then back we'll go.


The ride home was totally quiet. She was just Glad to get out of that place!

It all shows me just how biddable she is, cause she's like that at home. One well timed correction and she seems to get the lesson of the day. Can't wait to get her healed and start her on sheep! Can't wait! Turkeys are fun but we both dream of sheep!!!



2 more weeks it is....

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