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Sorry its so late...

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It's time that Introducd bindy, to these Boards(I don't know why i didn't do it early).I've just been answering questions, & basically creeping(i mean lurking around the forums.


Anyways Bindy has been a fabulous addition to our life,she keeps on her toes with her high energy, and makes us laugh with her goofy antics. She adores Children, Dogs, & (some) cats. She does have a high prey drive, but has no herding instinct. Though, bindy seems to know a difference from home life, & when where doing Dog Sports or Activities.


Bindy is Four year Border Collie Poodle mix. She was from a friend who could no longer take care of her due to situation. Bindy came to us in August,and her original owners occasionally come to visit her. We already had Cat,the first few days where rough, after that Jazzy settled down. Unfortunately, in September, Bindy was attacked by the neighbors Pit Bull terrier. The dog was clearly unstable, it was extremely Human & Animal Aggressive. We told the owner Animal Aggression in the breed, was genetic trait,& he allowed the dog to roam free anyway.Surprisingly Bindy still had to fear of dogs, she absolute a joy around them.


Bindy is currently during Agility, Obedience, & we start doing Sledding. She currently knows about 50+ tricks,and she is quick to pick up commands.She has proofed recall, sit, down, wait,drop,and heel.We use variety of treats, always homemade. Bindy seems to prefer Rabbit & Lamb over most other treats.She Toy motivated, but also is Food motivated. This Christmas I will be receiving some Agility Equipment, & Slip lead.









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Are you sure there is border collie in there?

She is very cute, whatever she is smile.gif


The freinds who we got her from purposely bred her, they want A "Hypoallergenic Borderdoodle",the Bitch was BC & the stud dog was as Standard Poodle. The BC was smoth coat.

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