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Finally decision?

Where avoiding "Herdabout Shelties",& while we're probably not getting a Sheltie from Jusdandy.


I'm off the whole week, so I'm going to be talking some Agility & Stock Dog handlers,& researching the Internet for Sheltie.

PM if you have any suggestions for breeders.


Thanks for all the Answers,& Merry Christmas to you & your dogs.

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Did you see the pictures of the incredibly adorable Border Collie that is the size of a Sheltie? Go look at Faith. She needs a home. :D/>


No, I haven't, where is the BC available?


Merry Christmas

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  • 2 weeks later...

After looking we found A breeder in Colorado. They do Agility & Herding.





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Although I strongly disagree with the AKC influence, I realize we're talking shelties here. This person says some very sensible things on her website, especially the section directly above the explanation of what titles mean.* She seems honest ("Shelties haven't been bred for herding for 100 years" <--not an exact quote I don't think). Those two things alone make me think she might be a better breeder. Note that I did not delve into everything on her website, just had a quick look around. I saw nothing that alarmed me, which is a good thing.



The words that make up the titles around the dogs’ names are the least important part of their meaning. Each title is a visible sign of a relationship between a dog and a human, and of the time they spent together. It represents time devoted to physical care and to exercise, to grooming and to training, and to shared travel and adventure. It represents an understanding between a dog and a human that enables them to work together and to compete as a single unit. It is a visible representation of the animal-human bond that we treasure so dearly. When you see the titles around a dog's name, don’t just think, “Oh, that was a show dog.” Rather think, “This was a dog who, at some time and some place, was loved.”


ETA: What I meant to say about the above quote is that it shows a healthy sense of reality when it comes to titles. That alone, if she really believes it, earns my respect.



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