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Major Fallon, Nevada rescue situation

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Greetings all ~


I got a heads-up from Geri Byrne about a rescue situation needing help up around Fallon, NV. I'm just going to copy/paste the info she gave me. I know nothing beyond what is given below.


So ... if anyone can help or knows of help, please contact the person named below.


"I, Michaele Atkinson of Golden Acres received a call from the Paiute Shoshone Tribal Police asking for help in finding places for approx 16 Border collies 2 may also be Aussies. this is a neglect case. There are also 70-80 cats involved and Horses and Cows all waiting for the seizure order to come through the court ASAP. Our local authority's cannot help because it is on tribal land. being that the Tribal Police asked for our help, we are asking for your help also.

the Horses and Cows will be taken to the local auction yard and held there and cared for, but that leaves this huge group of cats and the dogs, I have found 3 wonderful ladies that have offered to help each with one dog, but due to limited space that is where we are at this point. depending on when the court order comes through, hopefully we can have places for them to go prearranged so this could work out with no problems , but I am willing to pick up, quarantine and house them until we have enough rescues to send them to.


PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CROSSPOST, these dogs and cats seriously need your help. I have made numerous calls to other agencies asking for any help or suggestions or resources they may have to help. Thank Everyone for your help in advance . FYI also these animals are in Fallon, Nevada."


Michaele Atkinson

Golden Acres Rescue

Fallon , Nv 89406


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Golden Acres Rescue is an offshoot of Golden Acres, a golden retriever breeder and 502c3 golden/other breed rescuer in Nevada. Here is their website:



And their listing on Petfinder:


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