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My 15 month old BC has been eating Blue Buffalo dog food. She is 18" and 23.5 lbs. She eats 2 cups of the dry food and 1/4 can of wet food twice a day.

My main question is what do you think about Blue?

She is a very, very active dog and I was just wondering if there was a better choice of food for her?

Also, at her last check-up my vet gave me some Phycox soft chews for her because she is so active. She was about 1 yr. Is this too young to has her on something like this?

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There was a very recent thread in this same section (Health and Genetics) that should address your question.




There were 51 replies, and I think there is very good advice given.


As far as Phycox - personally, I don't think that your pup is too young to be on a joint supplement. I started my dog on Dasuquin at about 16 months of age. I view it as a proactive preventive (is that redundant?) for active, athletic dogs.




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My chiropractor says while they are growing and while doing strenuous activities, is the best time to give joint supplements. That way you are making sure that what their body needs is already there. Don't wait for an injury to start supplying it.

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