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Hi. I am hoping to buy a Border Collie puppy from a reputable breeder next year, but I don't know where to begin. Does anyone know of a breeder in Colorado, or any surrounding states (Oklahoma, Kansas, Arizona, Texas, etc)? I have come across countless breeders on-line, but more than half of them don't meet my standards (genetic health checks, etc).


I would like to find one now so I can get to know the breeder a little bit, etc, before committing.


I have done research on the breed, and my family owned one years ago (who has since passed away).


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)

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It might also be helpful to know what you plans are for the pup. Do you plan to work it on stock? Some breeders prefer (not necessarily insist) that their pups go to working homes. Best thing to do is to look at the USBCHA website (www.usbcha.com) and find some trials in your area. Go, watch, and talk to as many people as you can. That's the best way to get to know who is in your area, what kind of dogs they breed, how they interact with their dogs, and so on,



Oh, and RUN as fast as you can from those who "always have pups available"!! The well bred ones will be harder to come by, as most good breeders of working dogs will have at least a fair share of the litter spoken for ahead of time. But, if you get to know someone through trials, and you're not looking for the pup till next year, it could very well work out for you.

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With rare exceptions, here in the US, it's hard to find a good breeder via the internet. They don't advertise and they don't have to advertise. The folks with "something to sell" versus producing an occasional litter of quality pups are the ones you will find with a website designed to sell pups.


Go to some trials, meet some handlers, find folks whose relationship with their dogs and whose attitudes meet your expectations, make connections, and be willing to wait for the right litter.


Or, if you are not looking for a pup for stockwork, you might find someone with a young adult dog that didn't work out in a working situation and is looking for a good home. Or, consider a reputable rescue for a pup or dog that needs a home.


Good luck in your search!

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