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Sheep are Fetching $$$


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Well here is some information from the sheep auction here in New York last weekend.


First, let me say it was awesome. Learned so much in one day. (and it did not deter me from my plan to purchase sheep.)


75 sheep were up for auction and yes these were show sheep, champions and reserved champions. But the spring ewes and fall ewes were there as well.


I have the list of breeds and what they sold for if anyone is interested in that sort of thing.


But let me sum up where the money went:

Oxford Champion Fall Ewe Lamb sold for $525

White Romney Brood Ewe sold for $675

Tunis Brood Ewe sold for $575

natural Colored Spring Ewe sold for $550


Many of the breeds were passed through as min was $250 for lamb and $300 for bred ewe.


I am now interested in two of the breeds the Tunis (which were red faced and beautiful) and the merino.

Yes I know about the shearing issues with the Merino.


The sheep herding demonstration was cool nothing like I have seen here. She had four ewes and a ram which surprised me. They were Katahdin sheep. She used wistles. One of the BC's had a strong eye. It was awesome to see the sheep move just by the dogs look.


Anyway because of everyone's help here I was not treated as a novice.


Was careful not to play with my hair at the auction!

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I believe her name is Mary Ann Fallon. She is in Copake, NY.


She has a business using her border collies to keep geese from airports and golf courses.



Thanks! I'm sure that she and her dogs did a great job!



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What type of sale was this? a cataloged sale? show and sale?


I learned ALOT by attended the Midwest Ram Show and Sale this past June..in regards to different breeds of sheep. I am a dorper person thru and thru..but it was definantly neat to see some of the other breeds..the Montedale was by far the "neatest"..I got a picture standing next to a yearling ram..he was SO TALL!

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