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HI all, have been around th forums for a few years with my boy Sam, he's now 4.5 and I have finally had the opportunity to test him with Sheep! He scored 8 for instinct and 5 for intensity, am pretty excited to finally see him doing what he was naturally meant to be doing! It's pretty amazing to watch the natural drive kick in.

Am hoping to get him into regular lessons now and maybe even some trialing if the opportunity comes up.. any advice or tips on what I can do to help increase his skills? The herding world is pretty new to me so please fogive any ignorance on my part.

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It was amazing to see that light go on... he really impressed me! He had been around sheep a few times as a younger dog and seemed to be very scared... had more or less expected the same thing to happen this time but a few years maturity makes the world of difference I guess!

the gentleman who ran the instinct testing clinic is also teaching lessons have one for next weekend and will soon plan more if he continues to do well!


here is a link to see a pile of the pics... he wasn't perfect... but he is so smart with all the other stuff we do pretty sure he will catch on quickly.. at least I hope so!


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Lesson number two under our belts now.. and it really never fails to amaze me that the natural instinct to drive the sheep comes out! Now if only I knew what the heck I am supposed to be doing.. Sam sure seems to be getting the hang of it tho!


Was a beautiful morning in an amazing setting! can't wait to try it again!



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