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going under the chainlink fence

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Yesterday, Mr. Flint found the smallest of gaps in the chainlink fencing and wiggled his way under so he could put the ducks in order. He did not dig. He was in the yard with Cricket and Dusty as is the normal case. Thankfully, he came immediately when called, very proud of himself, I might add. I have not consciously taught him "that'll do" but when I gave him that, he stopped and returned to me. The command must be ingrained in his head from his puppyhood on the farm. :) Hoewever, on the rainiest day we've had in months, I've had to be outside reinforcing the chainlink fencing. I think I've got it down tight enough, I added extra temporary fencing on the inside of the yard and laid down logs as well. Now, that should keep him from going under....here's hoping he won't figure out a way to go over!

THAT will create a whole new issue for sure!

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Mr.Flint need those ducks to be in order,& indeed the ducks DID need to be order. So he decied to do what the (working) Border Collie does best-HERD!

At least he want to herd, not cause cause any trouble.


As for Mr.Flint coming when called, Good job on your part for training & of course good job to Mr.Flint

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My girl at 10 wks old first dug under the 5' fence. We put railroad ties around the perimeter and nailed the fencing to them. Then she learned to shimmy up the fence by placing her back on a tree that was near the fence and her paws on the fence. We cut down all trees within 4' of the fence. She then learned to climb the fence like a ladder--unbelievable! I knew she would be an agility star and we gave up on the fence and kept her inside while I was at work! B)

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