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If show dogs were created to "improve" the breeds then why...?

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Are there dramatic differences between show and working varieties of breeds


German Shepherd








What is improved about a dog that can barely move or work due to cruddy hips and a duck waddle gait?


Old Bulldog



New Bulldog



What exactly are the extreme flat face and rolly-polly figure acomplishing?




Show Border Collie


Working Border Collie



How does all of the fur and the shorter muzzle on the show Border actually assist it with herding. That and the fact that they have stripped it of all its working drive. The Border Collie has been ruined.

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I believe the obvious answer for the bulldog is that now it teeth don't meet so you don't have to worry about it biting you. Oh and it can't breed naturally, so you don't have to worry about pet overpopulation. Yeah, I'm seeing it. :blink:

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Both of the border collies are beautiful, but you just cannot beat the intensity in the working border collies eyes. I will stick with the ABCA border collies, not interesting in the AKC show border collies.

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