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Puppy Miller in Indiana

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If things are so bad and he is in a wheel chair, and you are so concerned about the puppies. Why don't someone get up and help. Don't just sit back and complain. They haven't shut him down so he must be doing something right.? Ya'll can sit back and complain and run your mouth waiting for someone else to do something. Get up off your butts and help him



Time for someone to go back under his bridge, looks like.


Thanks for the update, Eileen.


~ Gloria

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Tlcart77, are you feeling sorry for him because he is handicapped? I know some handicapped people that are wonderful dog owners. They do not need my help to do anything. If he is unable to care for living beings because he is in a wheelchair then he needs to find something else to do.


We are waiting for the proper authorities to shut his breeding kennel down. Not help him run it. If we were capable of doing that in a legal manner. I'm sure anyone that has posted on this thread in that area would be willing to help get that job done.

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I always wonder about that argument, and it's a pretty common argument: "If you're so concerned about his/her animals go offer to help him/her!". If someone is abusing animals, or keeps consistently taking on more animals than they can cope with, and you help them, won't that make it worse?


I mean, I don't know this guy, I don't know if he's an abuser or not. But it sounds like he was in the wheelchair before he got the dogs.


And if he was, and he got them anyway, why would I help him because he's in a wheelchair and can't care for them (as TIcart77 suggests)? That would presumably be more of a reason to take them away. He would obviously be someone who makes poor decisions.


Why would it be my responsibility to facilitate someone else's poor choices? Or, depending on the situation, why would I want to help someone who puts animals at risk? That seems like it can only end badly.

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Here's an article I just found:


Odds still against Clarks Hill collie breeder


It seems as though Thurman “Randy” Sanders, border collie breeder of Clarks Hill, is facing the hard truth that his kennel of more than 50 years may close. But he apparently has not yet given up.


The kennel, at 10112 S. County Road 700 East, was the focus of much attention during fall 2012 after a fellow border collie breeder and interested buyer stopped by the farm a few months prior.


Kenny Shuck, of southern Indiana, and a friend filed a complaint. Possible violations — and claims that Sanders’ property was a public health hazard — bounced around before landing in the lap of the Tippecanoe County Health Department.

Sanders already had made a name for himself with Tippecanoe County Animal Control with prior citations of cruelty to dogs, neglect and lack of food, water and shelter.


A hearing in July in Tippecanoe Superior Court 6 yielded 13 tickets from Tippecanoe County Animal Control for licensing and inoculation. Fines totaled $552.


In addition to the tickets, Sanders has engaged in a nearly yearlong joust with the Tippecanoe County Board of Zoning Appeals, which resulted in the board ordering the 60-some-year-old operator, who had been breeding border collies since the 1960s, to discontinue breeding due to where the dogs are housed.


In February, Sanders and his lawyer at the time, James Ayers of Crawfordsville, attempted to persuade the board that though the barn Sanders used violated current codes, it was grandfathered in because Sanders had been breeding on his property since before Tippecanoe County’s unified zoning ordinance was passed in 1965.


Ayers, who no longer represents Sanders, said Thursday that he and Sanders were able to provide the board with proof that his business preceded the establishment of the code. But the board ruled against Sanders, saying the building was not the same one used in 1960.


Sanders moved the dogs from the first building to the current building in 1981. The board claimed the barn does not meet heating and ventilation standards.


The board offered Sanders a chance to modify the building and apply for a variance, which would relieve him of conforming to certain setback requirements. Sanders did not attend the board’s August meeting and therefore forfeited one of his final chances to keep his kennel.


Bianca Klinker, a planner with the Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission, told the Journal & Courier in August that Sanders was shut down as of that meeting. Ken Brown, Tippecanoe County building commissioner, said in order for Sanders’ border collie business to officially shut down, a judge must hand down a ruling.


According to Brown, Sanders has since hired a new attorney who will represent him in court while Sanders challenges the board’s decision. Brown said he was not sure if a court date has been set.


The Journal & Courier attempted to contact Sanders on Friday. At least one dog could be heard barking from the barn behind his home.


Shuck said he’s been trying to keep up with the case.


“In all honesty, it’s unfair to comment if we don’t know the outcome,” Shuck said Thursday. “I had somebody ask me last week about what has happened with the dogs that are there.”


Brown said he has received calls from two reputable organizations interested in adopting the dogs if the court orders Sanders to shut down.

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I think Tlcart77 is either a good friend of Sanders' or Sanders himself, who joined the Boards for the sole purpose of making that post.


I don't think reasonable arguments will get you too far with whomever it is. :(

Tlcart77 is obviously a troll, a particularly repulsive one, possibly Sanders himself. Best way to deal with a troll is ignore him and he will go away.


Frankly, I cannot even look at the photos of this place. It makes me want to do serious harm to the person creating and sustaining these conditions in which innocent dogs are so abused. I sure hope it is true that he was shut down and I hope the dogs get rescued.

Sadly, until human beings change their hearts toward animals, these kinds of abuses will always exist somewhere.

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