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The other day I was at the dog park walking Abbie. We had just finished doing some training on lead and I was walking in to the off leash area so she could have a run.

There were other dogs in the park and I walked up to the top to let Abbie off.

A big labradoodle ran up to us and I let the dogs sniff each other before taking the lead off. I expected the labradoodle to walk off after saying hello but it started growling and attacking Abbie. First Abbie yelped but then she let out a loud scream (it sounded like a person) when the labradoodle went for her agin. I pulled her away and the labradoodle followed. The owners did nothing and continued to play soccer.

When we were well out of the park, the owners called the dog and it went.

Thinking Abbie was OK I went off to go for a walk somewhere else. She was pulling with her tail between her legs to get away so I pulled her back to make her heel and realised that she had blood all over the side of her head.

The blood was dripping and she was coved in it. We went home immediately and I washed the wound.

It turned out she had a few small bites in her ear and one big one on the tip of her ear. It kept bleeding for ages.


Shes alright now but I am really annoyed because the owners did nothing. They didnt even see if she was alright or say sorry.


A.& A.

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I have to agree with Vicki.


I had 2 dogs attack Zoe and ended up kicking them both off her because the owner did nothing. Then he had the nerve to get angry with me because I kicked his dogs. It was winter and I had boots on so I'm sure the kick carried more of a punch.

I would not hessitate to do it again if I have to.


While we were at the vets, getting 4 stiches in her neck, he told me not to go back, but if I had to, to carry a spray bottle with a mix of amonnia and water to spray into the air if any dogs get too close for comfort.

I have carried that bottle with me everytime we go and have not had to use it yet.


We have not been to the dog park all summer but when it starts to cool down we will go back and I will have a spray bottle with me.


Good luck with Abbie.

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I too don't hesitate to hurt any animal that takes it into their head to hurt mine. I act first and think later. Not always good but there it is. If the owner gets mad then..well they don't want to see how mad I will get in return...lol. I'll get right in there face. Seiously. I get really angry when someone hurts my dogs on purpose, or lets their animals.

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