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Hi Everyone!

I'm new to the BC Boards (I'm sure you all haven't heard that)... and my 3 year old Border Collie has been restless at night. We moved about a month ago but he seems fine alone in the house during the day as well as when we are home. We switched his diet about 2 months ago to the bland diet (brown rice, vegetables, and chicken cooked)because of diarrehea issues. Prior to that he had been on a mix of EVO kibble and some pumpkin mixed in to help with the diarrehea. He has had to urinate more frequently it seems during the day and at night he paces around the home. Prior to this he had been a sound sleeper. He has gotten far more exercise since our move so I don't think he's bored/unexercised. We feed him in the morning and then a little more at 5pm. He appears to have lost a good amount of weight due to the diet/move but I'm not sure what to do about him pacing at night. I feel so bad and I worry about his weight. We are going to the Vet in a few weeks and I'll be sure to mention his symptoms but I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into this issue?

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Hi, welcome!


I would suggest a check for a UTI, like Tommy suggested, and also have a stool sample looked at when you are the vet. Personally, I wouldn't wait a few weeks to have him checked out by your vet. I don't mean to alarm you, but if he does have a UTI or worms they shouldn't go left untreated. And, UTIs can be very uncomfortable.



Good luck and please keep us posted.

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I totally hate to admit this but my senior was pacing at night allot, and licking her paws. I even took her to the vet.

A couple days ago I was giving her a massage and what did I find? Yep, flea dirt.

I have 4 dogs no one has fleas...so I thought.

I treated her and bam she's sleeping at least 50% better at night. I treated everyone but I swear we didn't have fleas.


Welcome to the boards!

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Thanks for all the great suggestions! He started coughing really badly yesterday into today and it turns out kennel cough is going around his daycare (even though he is up to date on his bordatella) and this will be his second time with it. I moved his bed into a snug corner where he might feel more secure last night and he slept fairly well.

Poor guy probably didn't feel well. I wish he could talk instead of just giving me those "eyes".

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My dog got bordatella after being vaccinated. Vet told me that the vac can't possibly cover all the strains. Turns out it was going through our neighborhood. (That was the Vet visit when Layla decided that howling in the waiting area in such a way that brought the front office ladies back to make sure a dog wasn't suffering horribly might force me to take her home, LOL).


I hope your dog is feeling better!

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