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I think I'm crazy

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"I had been told, over and over (over the years) by dog people, breeders and vet techs that a dog that lays like that (frog legs) usually has good hips. Those dogs who did lay like that (that I knew personally) did OFA good/excellent...so maybe it's true."


To lay like this in SOME breeds is completely normal. I have seen mastiffs do it, almost all puppies can do that, corsos and labs. My collie who (I believe) is related to your collies also does it and he has showed no ill effects in his hips, gait nor physical working ability. If my GSD were to lay like that... there would INDEED be hip dysplasia as well as other problems to say the least.

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Well, since I have a bad feeling in my tummy about the guy, I'll go ahead and say that I think Dennis Nutt from Thamesville/Ridgetown, Ontario, is less than responsible about his breeding and placing puppies in homes.


On a more positive note, my kids are so ridiculously excited about meeting Juno's brother tonight! We're setting up a new crate and "belongings basket" (each dog has a little basket for leashes, toys, etc) for him today, and the kids are already making plans about who gets to throw the ball for Coby first.


Interesting you mention him from Ontario! Some people in my neighbourhood, a young couple living in an apartment, was looking for a BC. They contacted every border collie in Vancouver (canada) and every breeder in the province of British Colombia. No breeder would sell them a BC, cause they worked full-time and lived in a 500 sq ft apartment in the city and had no experience with bc's. Then, the only breeder that was willing to sell to them, was a breeder in Ontario. I wonder if it is the same guy.

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could be.... Ontario has a lot of irresponsible breeders...... Although he did contact me back when I said I had a problem with my dog that I've had for 3 years in May. He remembered me, which was a shock. I asked about anyone else presenting with the same eye issue Ruger has and he said no one reported any. Which two of his siblings are on this forum and their eyes are also fine. I was shocked her replied back to tell you the truth....

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