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New pup(s) in 2012??

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Obi, 5 months last week, brought her home in June.


She's turned into an awesome little dog, despite our initial communication issues. Loves people, loves dogs, loves baby agility (already knows lots of wraps, has great obstacle focus, understands not to run behind me...and this from only a few play sessions over the last month or so!), has a great recall.


Definitely still has issues...she fixates on other dogs at puppy class, so we have to be behind a barrier. Working some CU stuff with her, making slow progress. She also has retained canines, which is really stinky, but she wouldn't be a vet's dog without some sort of medical issue :P

post-10102-046201100 1349199540_thumb.jpg

post-10102-049423000 1349199541_thumb.jpg

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Well, I suppose I count, I brought home the Border Collie have now a few months ago (April to be exact)... but she turns two in Feb. Her pedigree is strange - mixture of mostly working lines but the merle came from a working ranch in SD.


My next dog will either be a puppy or most likely a BC ready to teach a novice "the ropes". Not till' next year.

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OK, I sooo want a pup, but I just don't have time right now - so I am very jealous when I read of someone else getting a pup (not insanely jealous, more like a "Sigh! I wish I had the time.")


Since I keep reading of another new pup for a member here, I began wondering what the count was for 2012.


If you don't mind, please add your name or moniker, pup's name and age of pup when you obtained him/her to the ongoing list. Let's see an accounting of all the cute new pups for 2012 (adopted rescue dogs qualify also :) ) If you wish, you can also add a pup that you know you will be getting in 2012. This is not a strict scientific survey so the 'rules' are not rigid.


I will start the list with a fictitious pup---


Jane Smith -- Moss -- 8 weeks old in June [Example]




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