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Charley in St. Petersburg, FL

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Meet Charley. He was an owner surrender to Pet Pal Animal Shelter in St. Petersburg, FL. He is a 2 y/o purebred border collie, neutered and current on vaccinations. He's not a high drive dog, but loves toys and to play ball. He will throw the ball to himself if nobody else will. :) I'm not sure how much agility potential he has yet, but it's quite possible. If it works out, I'm going to test him on sheep this weekend and will update how he does.


Charley went home for the night with shelter volunteers and played well with the resident dogs. He also settled nicely on the couch when it was time for that. His previous owner said he "herded" kids, so he probably would not be suited for families with small children. I don't see him listed on the shelter's website, yet. They'd like to see him go to an active BC home where he could meet his potential. My friend is the shelter volunteer (who says he is "amazing!") and I have a contact number for serious inquiries who would like to speak to her about Charley, or you may call the shelter where he's located, info below. Adoption fee is $150.


Pet Pal Animal Shelter

405 22nd St S.

St. Petersburg, FL









**Edited to be clear that this dog is in a shelter.

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Can we please password protect this section and never ever give me the password?! I so wish I had room for him! That face! What a gorgeous boy, someone will be very lucky to bring him home.


talk about lucky!....I remember you....you got Henry --oops-- Max! :lol: How's he doing??? I also :wub: him!!!

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