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Hi all... it has been a very long time since I have been to the Boards and I am glad to be back.

If any of my "old" BC buddies are out there a big ((hug)) to you! Phoenix and I are doing well and looking to add to our family. Any of you have or know of available pups please let me know :)


We are looking to add a puppy to our pack. Currently we are owned by Phoenix our 7 yr Border Collie boy, and Bree our 4 yr old Border Terrier mix. Phoenix is such a whacky wonderful boy. We have worked with Jack Knox over the years on herding lessons. Phoenix did well, but since we do not have stock his lessons were few and far between. We are hoping to get a girl BC this time. I have had 2 boys, and I have a Border Collie girl Grand-dog (Phoenix's littermate), and she is such a sweetie. Her and Phoenix have

different personalities, but you can tell they are "cut from the same cloth",so to speak! and it has been fun raising them in the same family and seeing them come into their own. They are such buddies which is wonderful to see when they are together.


If anyone can suggest rescues or breeders in Maryland or Virginia I would be grateful. I just checked Mid Atlantic BC Rescue, but am having difficulty with the web page. I would prefer to adopt but a reputable working dog breeder is fine also. Thanks soooo much... I am happy to be back with my BC family !!!

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Welcome back, Joe Anne. I think rescuing is a GREAT idea! There seem to be plenty of pups in rescue, so you shouldn't have trouble finding one sooner or later. Carolina Border Collie rescue is another option. If you're not on Facebook, you should join--dogs/pups in need get posted there all the time. There's an adorable pup down in Catawba County. Too far for you probably, but they do show up in shelters/rescues right often!


If you end up going to breeder route, there are plenty of good working breeders up in your area. You may have to wait longer to get a pup, but they would be good working breedings and you could get to know parents (and see them at trials) beforehand, which is always good.



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I would definately recommend Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue. I adopted two from them in the past two years. My newest, Keira, I've had for about three months. I DO know that there is a puppy available through them. She's a mix, though. She's my Keira's puppy. The last one to need a home. I'm told she's just like her mamma in personality and she looks a lot like her. Keira is one of the most laid back BC's I've ever owned. And she's simply a dream!


Whatever you decide, good luck!

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