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New Photos of Patch

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Hi all,


Just want to say that Patch is doing wonderfully and we are really enjoying him. He is so funny and makes us laugh every day! What a character! Here's a few recent photos of him. The one with the bandana was taken after his first trip to the groomer. There's also one of him sleeping with his favorite stuffed toy, Squirrel, which he loves so much. Oh, and the third one is him lying on a chair that he's not supposed to be on but with that face and that nose, he gets away with it lol. He is 10 1/2 months old and we're crazy about him!

post-13570-072730000 1345939039_thumb.jpg

post-13570-081099900 1345939072_thumb.jpg

post-13570-055037400 1345939129_thumb.jpg

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I love the fabric in the first pic. My late mother had the sweetest little bedroom club chair with the same print. I was going to keep it until my sister and I figured out that Mom's last dog seriously urinated on it.


I really loved that chair. :(


Oh, by the way, cute pup. :D

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