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Work It, Juno!

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This afternoon, my son accidentally let the goats and sheep out of their yard when he went to get something from the barn for me.


I walked toward them, cursing in my mind at having to attempt to round them all up, when along came Juno. She grouped them all together, moved them right back into the yard, and stared them down while I closed the gate, making sure they didn't come back out. WAY TO GO, JUNO! She's 5mos old now and has never had the opportunity to work the ruminants - I was pretty thrilled to have her help today!

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She's been helping us with the chickens for the last little while, rounding up any who escape when we move the chicken tractors, and bringing them back in. It's her favourite thing! Just this morning she returned five chickens to the tractor. But that is nothing compared to the look on Juno's face and the change in her attitude when she finally had that opportunity to bring in the goats & sheep. Oh my! I can tell she's just waiting for another chance to get at those bad boys. :)

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