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Yes, I came here with the dream of learning more about dogs, then got a job with horses, training and preparing them to be exported to England for cross country and sports.

Beside our house, I have a big field and a friend lent me 4 sheep. It is very cheap to go to trials, there are every weekend and everything is relatively close. Sheep are tricky in most places, but that is what it is all about here.

I bought two pups and am starting some dogs out of a breeder.

And Jack is doing fine, I made a click and realised I had schooled him too much, I am trying to go back to letting him work and think by himself, it has been a great learning experience.

He always tries, can finish an open trial, not very precisely but does the job. I have realised the value of good training and also that on the breeding you can select much easier dogs, as they say here good sheepdogs are bred not made.

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My goodness you and Jack have come a long way - in every sense! Welcome to your life in Ireland. Horses and dogs - what could be better? I'm very happy for you and Jack, and all the new adventures you are embarking on. Congratulations! Do keep us posted in your doings. :)

~ Gloria

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Thanks Gloria, it has been a long road, I still enjoy working with him and feel and see he never stops learning and trying.

We are now in the nurseries, Jack is off age but we are running on the farmers class, which is very competitive here. Has had some good results here.

I have other dogs but Jack is the most advanced and I like him because he shows courage always, much more than technique or experience, his heart is always there.

This is a video of him the other morning (days here are very short, and wet and windy)




i am working his flanks because he is sometimes tight, so we are working normal flanks, extenden and out

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Hello, our news from Ireland. Jack is very well, we are competing in opens and he is starting to do some nice things, being myself the factor that mostly needs more training now. But getting better slowly.

I started a new dog, his name is Tango, he is one year and a half, here are two videos of him, he completed his first open yesterday.

All the best

Paul Walker







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Saw your feature in the latest ISDS magazine! Congratulations! What a great journey you and Jack have been on. Best of luck with the new prospect. :)

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