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It seems like a lifetime ago, but I suppose it was only a few weeks back that we were loading up and heading to Nanaimo for the AAC Nationals. At the risk of sounding like a Pollyanna, everything was perfect! The ferries were on time, the weather was gorgeous, the hotel was as wonderful as I'd remembered it, the site was great ... getting nauseous yet? :-)


This was Wick's third Nationals. My only goal was to get a placement in one of the Jumpers rounds. Wick is a really good Jumpers dog, but at the last two Nationals, we've had absolute trainwrecks in Jumpers. On Saturday, our goal was met, when Wick ran a nice clean Jumpers 1 and placed 3rd in her class. Because she is such a good jumpers dog, I wasn't surprised so much as relieved. But when she got the gamble in Gamblers 2, plus a ton of opening points, and earned a 9th place ribbon (yes, they give placements to 10 - wahoo!), I was totally and utterly floored. Two gambles in a month? After almost a decade of futility? Just ... wow ...


Speaking of wow, Rex blew me away at Nationals! That he qualified at all was a huge surprise, and I had zero expectations of him. I only entered him because, heck, he was coming along for the ride anyway. But boy, did he bring it! On the first run of the day on Saturday, Standard 1, he went clean and 20 seconds under time! Holy #$@! Then he went clean in Jumpers 1! This is a dog who seems to be stuck in Advanced Jumpers, for goodness sake!


On Sunday, Rex had another surprising performance - only one bar in Jumpers 2. Filled with enthusiasm, after waiting for what seemed like hours, Wick and I took to the course ... and promptly blew up. I think we had at least two off-courses, one my fault and one hers. Arrggh! So much for a podium finish for the Wickens. When all was said and done, Rex ended up out-pointing Wick by 10 - whodda thunk? Wick finished 16th of 34 dogs in 16" Vets, and Rex was 36th of 84 dogs in 22" Regular. And I, I was bloody happy with both of them. For complete results, click here.




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Congratulations! It sounds like you had an amazing time with better-than-expected results.


Your story gives me hope for me and my boy - that we may yet make it as an agility TEAM, and not just as 2 bodies that run around a course for 25 seconds - with limited success. ;)



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That's awesome! Congratulations!


I think the energy level at National events can do amazing things. I know the energy level at our last NADAC Champs turned my dogs into rock stars and they all impressed me with how great they ran. Obviously it's largely how WE handle that energy/stress, I'm sure. Seeing as this was your third National, you probably felt more settled and harnessed that energy in a good way. Others are probably more like I was at my first Champs where I totally crashed and burned. lol Experience is a good thing!


Your dogs looked great -- congrats on those nice placements!

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Thanks! My videographers are whichever of my friends or bystanders are unfortunate enough to make eye contact with me. biggrin.gif We're all pretty good about taping each other, and cameras these days are so easy to use, most people do a darned fine job for the 30 seconds it takes to follow a dog around a small ring. Now if you ask me to video your 10+ minute turn on sheep, you better bring me a tripod and a latte!

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